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At Gupta Law Firm LLC, we understand that the decision to file bankruptcy can be a difficult one, often coming at a stressful time for individuals and families. Our law firm takes pride in being accessible to clients to answer the difficult questions you may have. Our goal is to help you achieve a fresh financial start.
The Bankruptcy Code can be complex, but at its core the bankruptcy laws have their roots in biblical laws on forgiveness of debts. The law is there to provide honest individuals
protection from their creditors, and is a way to either restructure or forgive your debts. There is Hope and Help for you. Our bankruptcy attorney is here to help guide you toward a solution that is best for you.
Loan Modification

A pending foreclosure on your home can be quite scary. You can potentially avoid foreclosure by working with your lender to modify your mortgage. Banks lend money and make their profit by collecting the interest on these loans. They do not want to be homeowners. If they foreclose, there is the real possibility that they will have to resell your home for less money than you owe. And of course, maintaining the dwelling, while it sits waiting to be resold, can be very problematic for them. This being the case, they could possibly be convinced to change certain elements of your mortgage so that you can afford the monthly payments which in turn will allow you to keep your home.
At Gupta Law Firm LLC, we can work with you and your bank to obtain the best possible terms for you. Making your payment affordable so that you can avoid foreclosure is our goal.
Credit Repair

Your credit report is your lifeline to your financial comfort and security. A low credit score can result in getting your loan for a house or car denied. Even a score that is only slightly dented can put you in the subprime lending category, meaning your down payment may go up and you will have to pay thousands of dollars more in interest over the life of the loan.
Many people aren't even aware that their credit report reflects a low score on one of the key rating indexes creditors use most often. Creditors won't always ask for an explanation. They will simply see the lower score and assume you are a higher risk. If you live in Nevada and have discovered your credit score has been lowered, talk to an attorney at Gupta Law Firm LLC.
Stop Foreclosure

Contrary to the impression created by news stories regarding foreclosures and subprime mortgages, losing your home is not a foregone conclusion if you fall behind on payments or can no longer afford your mortgage. Given the costs associated with foreclosures and the administrative hassles involved, most banks would rather modify a loan or payment schedule than simply foreclose on a home. Since home values have decreased substantially, a bank often stands to lose more money if they foreclose on a home as opposed to renegotiating the mortgage itself.
At Gupta Law Firm LLC, our attorney works closely with homeowners in exploring options to avoid foreclosure. In some cases, declaring bankruptcy may be the only or most effective means for keeping your home. We can evaluate your financial situation and determine how best to leverage your financial and legal rights. If you're facing foreclosure or find that the bank is unresponsive to your requests for a loan modification, contact our foreclosure attorney at Gupta Law Firm LLC today to schedule an appointment and discuss your situation.
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